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The eBay community is made up of individual buyers and sellers who come to the site to do more than just buy or sell-they have fun, shop around, and get to know each other, for example, by chatting on the eBay discussion boards.

Through the discussion boards, members meet and get to know each other, discuss topics of mutual interest, and help each other to learn all about eBay. These discussion boards are public forums that encourage open communication between users.

eBay becomes a part of members' lifestyles. Many members have created second businesses, or left day jobs altogether, by selling items on eBay. For hundreds of thousands of others, eBay is the place to share a passion for items that are special.

The community is also self-policing, and users frequently form "neighbourhood watch" groups to help guard against misuse or violations of site etiquette.

eBay also encourages open and honest communication between the community and the company. Frequently, members of the community give their feedback to improve the environment in which they work and play.

The sense of community is alive and well offline too. In the past few months, eBay users have planned evenings out together, chipped in and bought a special item for another user, and a couple have even found love through the discussion boards!.

eBay, simply, is the home of a unique online community.

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