Category changes

Important: From October this page will be updated with details of improvements made to the category structure

October 2016

Updates to our category structure will be released in the week beginning 3 October 2016 to provide a more intuitive buying, selling and search experience.

Find out if any of the high level and subcategories you are currently listing in are affected.

Parts compatibility categories:

To find out which categories will no longer offer the parts compatibility feature please download the PDF file.

For more information on affected categories please click on the links below

  • Download all category changes for October 2016: PDF format, CSV format
  • Download the new category structure after 4 October 2016: PDF format, CSV format
  • Download categories impacted by pricing changes in October 2016: (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. When will I see the category changes on the site?
    It can take up to 48 hours from the launch date for category changes to become visible on the site, but changes should appear on the site from 5 October.
  • 2. What happens if the category I have listed in has been combined into another one?
    If this happens, your listing will automatically be moved to the next most relevant category. If you need to relist any items in an affected category after the changes have been made, please revise your listings (including Good 'Til Cancelled listings) and use the new category structure.
  • 3. What happens if the category I have listed in has been moved to another parent category?
    Your listings will be moved automatically into the new category.
  • 4. What happens to my listings if my category now has subcategories?
    If new subcategories have been added below your category, your listings will be moved to the best possible subcategory based on the item specifics used in the listing. When you relist these items, be sure to list in the appropriate subcategory and use eBay-recommended item specifics for optimal visibility in a buyer’s search results.
  • 5. Why am I being asked to adopt eBay recommended item specifics?
    Item specifics allow you to highlight important details about your item. They are displayed within your listing’s description, showing buyers relevant information about your item in an easy-to-read format. Adopting the item specifics on your listings helps buyers find your items and typically results in an increase in bids per listing and an increase in sales per listing.
    All categories on all eBay sites allow you to create your own item specifics, but for maximum visibility to buyers, we recommend that you use the eBay-suggested item specifics whenever possible.
  • 6. What happens if I don’t use the new and recommended item specifics in my listings?
    Excluding recommended item specifics will make your item less likely to surface when buyers use the left-hand navigation refinements on the category page; for example, if the seller tag for “colour” is omitted on a listing, then the item will not be shown when the buyer refines by a specific colour, and will only surface when “not specified” is selected on the left-hand navigation.
  • 7. What happens if the updated item specifics don't match my current custom item specifics?
    Please revise your listing and update the item specifics to make it easier for buyers to find your item.
  • 8. How will category updates affect my fees?
    Generally speaking, when your items is moved to a new category with different final value fees, it will adopt the final value fees of that new category. Insertion fees and advanced listing upgrade fees will be based on the original category. In cases where the original category has been merged with another category with different fees, you’ll be charged the insertion, and advanced listing upgrade fees of the original category. When the listing(s) ends, however, the final value fee will be the one of the destination category. For more information on selling fees please visit our Seller Centre.

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To submit a suggestion to eBay regarding categories, please visit the suggestion page.