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Retracting a Bid

The following links will take you to further information about the rules and procedures surrounding bid retractions:



  • If you’d like to cancel a bid someone has placed on your auction, see Cancel Bids.

  • If you’d like to excuse your winning bidder from their obligation to purchase after the end of the listing, as well as get a Final Value Fee credit, learn more about the Unpaid Item Process.

Problems or breaches of eBay policy

We may take action on a member’s account if we feel they have broken our bid retraction rules. To learn more, see Invalid Bid Retraction.

  • If you’re a seller and you feel one of your bidders has broken our bid retraction rules, please report them to us.

  • If you suspect Bid Shielding (using two User IDs to place high bids which conceal a low bid from a third User ID, then retracting the high bids to win the auction at a low price) or Shill Bidding (using another account to bid on an item and artificially inflate its price or desirability) has taken place on an auction, please report it to us.

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