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Can I retract or cancel my bid?

When you place a bid on eBay, you enter a binding contract. However, it's possible to retract a bid before the end of an auction, but only in exceptional circumstances. Remember that number of times you've retracted a bid will be displayed in your Feedback profile.

How to retract a bid

  1. Complete the bid retraction form

  2. Provide a reason why you're retracting your bid, such as:

    • You entered wrong amount

    • Seller changed the item description

    • You couldn't contact the seller

Your seller may object to the reason you gave for retracting the bid:

  • Eg you retracted a bid because you entered the wrong amount. However, you didn't place a new bid with the correct amount. The seller may report that your retraction reason is invalid.

Learn more about invalid bid retraction and what actions we may take

Timing matters

If you submit the bid retraction form:

  1. Up to 12 hours before the end of the listing

    • All bids you've place on the item will be cancelled automatically

  2. During the last 12 hours of the listing

    • Only your most recent bid will be cancelled, provided that the bid retraction form is submitted within an hour of your bid

    • If you want to cancel a bid placed more than an hour ago, you'll need to contact the seller to cancel your bid

Reasons for retracting a bid

There are only 3 reasons for retracting a bid and every bid on eBay is binding, unless the:

If you want to withdraw your bid for any other reason (eg a family member placed the bid using your account or you simply changed your mind), you'll need to contact the seller to explain what happened. The seller will decide whether to cancel your bid.

If your bid isn't cancelled and you subsequently win the item but don't pay for it, the seller may file an unpaid item case against you.

If you need to cancel a bid quickly because it was placed by someone else using your password without authorisation, choose 'Entered wrong amount' as your retraction reason and then contact us about the account theft so that we can investigate.

Cancelling the transaction

If you won the item but want to cancel the transaction, you'll have to contact the seller to explain the situation. You'll must get their agreement to a mutual withdrawal from sale.

Learn more about how to cancel a transaction

Tips for buyers

  • Bid on multiple identical items only if you intend to buy all of it

  • Before placing a bid, read the item description and check the seller's feedback carefully

  • Ask the seller questions by going to the bottom of the view item page and click the Ask a question link

  • Remember that when you place a bid on a Buy It Now listing, you are entering into a binding contract

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