Searching in Help & Contact

You can quickly find the information you want by clicking Help & Contact at the top of most eBay pages, entering a few keywords, and then clicking Search. We show you an answer or several answers that we think match your search. You also see a list of related help topics.

Searching in Help & Contact does not search for items on eBay. To search for eBay items,  enter keywords about your item into the search box located at the top of most pages, and then click Search.


Remember that search only returns links that include all of your search terms.

Use as few words as possible.

Do not use complete sentences.

Search is not case sensitive.

  1. To find out how to sell an item on eBay, type: how to sell  

  2. To learn more about eBay's Feedback system, type: feedback  

  3. To learn more about eBay's policy for listing software, type: listing policy software