About Maximum Postage and Packaging (P&P) Costs

In certain categories, sellers are required to specify at least one P&P cost less than or equal to a maximum P&P cost. The cost includes all P&P costs such as handling. It applies only to the first flat-rate postage service you offer within or into the UK . There are no maximum P&P costs for international postal services or additional local postal services. Learn more about postal service options that may help you meet P&P caps.

The maximum P&P cost for the category that you are listing in will appear under the area where you enter your P&P cost. You won't be able to list your item if the P&P cost you enter is more than the maximum cost. In selected categories the maximum P&P is ‘zero'.

The maximum P&P costs are determined based on what sellers are charging for P&P, what services are available on the market and what buyers say they consider reasonable. When buyers think that P&P costs on eBay are too high, they may make their purchases somewhere else. The maximum P&P cost will help buyers find items with reasonable P&P and help you sell more items and increase overall sales.

Large, heavy, or multiple items

In all categories, items which are extremely heavy or bulky and require a specific courier for delivery can be exempted. You can select the “Courier : Heavy and bulky items” option in the drop-down menu below the Domestic postage label.

International sellers

International sellers listing directly on are also required to specify a P&P cost less than or equal to the maximum P&P cost on their first flat-rate postal service.