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When I use the auto-list and auto-relist features, why do my listings appear more than once?

Listings can appear more than once when sellers use both the auto-list and the auto-relist for the sameitem. For example, a seller can automatically schedule that one item is listed each week for seven days (auto-list). The seller can also set a rule to automatically relist the item if it does not sell (auto-relist). After the first seven days, the listing ends and the first rule automatically creates a new listing for the same item. At the same time, the seller's auto-relist rule will automatically relist the first listing. Now the seller has two listings for the same item at the same time on the site.

To avoid this type of multiple listing, you should be cautious about setting compound rules involving automatic scheduling and relisting. You can also choose to use either auto-list or auto-relist features for a particular item.

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