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How can I end my listing immediately?

If needed, you can end your listing before the scheduled end date. If there are bids on your item, you can cancel them. Listing fees are generally non-refundable.

You might end your listing early because:

  • The item is no longer available for sale. (Please note that you shouldn't list an item on eBay if there's a chance you'll sell it elsewhere before the listing ends.)

  • There was an error in the starting price or reserve amount (and it's too late to change the reserve amount).

  • There was an error in the listing.

  • The item was lost or broken.

There are some situations where you may not end your listing early. For detailed information about the rules and policies on ending a listing, see Ending Your Listing Early.

Note: You don't need to email us to tell us why you ended a listing early. However, please tell any bidders as soon as you realise you'll need to end the listing.

If you need to change your listing: Please try to edit your listing if you want to fix a mistake or improve your listing. You can't change the date on which your listing ends.

If it's too late to edit or end your listing, for example, it's less than 12 hours before the end of the auction, you must contact any bidders to explain what's happened.

How to end your listing early:

  1. Type your item number into the End My Listing Early form. (You can get this number on your listing, on your confirmation email, or on your My eBay page.)

  2. If there are bids on your item, choose between "Cancel bids and end listing early" or "Sell item to high bidder(s) and end listing early". (If your item has no bids, you can skip this step).

  3. Choose the reason you're ending your listing early.

  4. Your listing will end and will no longer be displayed on eBay. If there were bidders, they will be emailed that their bid was cancelled and the listing ended early.

What if a member offers you a "Buy It Now" price?

You can't add a Buy It Now price once the auction has started.

If a member contacts you to ask you to accept a final price for your item, it's against eBay rules to end the listing then sell the item to them directly. See Transactions Outside eBay.

However, you are permitted to end a listing early and sell the item to the high bidder (via the eBay website). Ask the member to place a bid at the amount they offered to you, then go to the End My Listing Early form and select "Sell to the high bidder".

Note: You should be prepared to sell the item to any other member who places a higher bid before you have a chance to sell the item to the intended member.

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