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eBay Shops fees

Basic fees

To open an eBay Shop, you pay a monthly subscription fee. Each item you list in your eBay Shop incurs an insertion fee and, if it sells, a final value fee.

As a Shops subscriber, you receive a number of benefits including inclusive free fixed price listing allowances, reduced auction insertion fees and for Featured and Anchor shops, much lower rates for listing in good ‘til cancelled and 30 day formats on international ebay sites.

Feature fees and final value fees for shop subscribers are the same as for any other business seller on ebay.co.uk.

The level of benefits you receive depends on which Shop level you subscribe to. The fees shown here apply only to Shops opened on eBay.co.uk.

Learn more about the requirements to open a Shop and the benefits you receive with each Shop subscription level.

Shop subscription fees

Insertion fees for business sellers are based on the shop subscription option you have chosen.

Private sellers with a Basic Shop subscription will not pay insertion fees on their first 200 listings per month. This is an increase from the previous 20 listings. Insertion fees for subsequent listings will be £0.20 for all categories - media items will no longer be priced differently.

Shop subscription option

Monthly subscription fee

Inclusive Fixed price listings per month on eBay.co.uk

Additional Fixed price listings on eBay.co.uk

Auction listings starting at <£1 on eBay.co.uk

Auction listings starting at >£1 on eBay.co.uk

Fixed price listings on international sites







From £0.40****







From £0.40****







From £0.00***








* Does not include listing in a second category.

** Subject to selling limits.  Includes listings in a second category

***Good ‘til Cancelled and 30 day listings only. On selected sites.  See International Selling

****This is a guide only. You will be charged the standard insertion fee for a private seller listing on that site

Note: Shops subscriptions are for a minimum 30-day period.

Which shop subscription is right for me?

This depends on how many items you plan to list each month. For a more detailed answer to this try our Fee illustrator.  However, as a guide, based on fixed price listings we would suggest:

  • Up to 65 - None

  • 65 – 600 - Basic Shop

  • 600-5000 - Featured shop

  • >5000 - Anchor shop

See how Featured and Anchor shop subscriptions can help you start selling internationally.

Sellers who are resident in the UK who take out a Featured or Anchor shop subscription on ebay.co.uk receive the same insertion fees when listing directly on international sites as the corresponding shop owners on that site.


Insertion fee in local currency

Anchor Shop

Featured Shop

United Kingdom (.co.uk)United Kingdom (.co.uk)



United Kingdom (.co.uk)



Ireland (.ie)



Germany (.de)



Austria (.at)



Switzerland (.ch)



Italy (.it)



France (.fr)



Australia (.com.au)


200 @ $0; then $0.20††

Spain (.es)



Netherlands (.nl)



Poland (.pl)



Belgium (befr.ebay.be)



Belgium (benl.ebay.be)



*United States (.com)

2500 @ $0; then $0.05

500 @ $0; then $0.10†


2500 @ $0; then $0.05

500 @ $0; then $0.10†

**Canada (.ca)

2500 @ $0; then $0.05

500 @ $0; then $0.10†

**Canada French (cafr.ebay.ca)

2500 @ $0; then $0.05

500 @ $0; then $0.10†

*2500 free and 500 free is for listings on .com and Motors collectively

*2500 free and 500 free is listings on .ca and cafr.ebay.com collectively.

†IF for media listings after 500 free for Featured is $0.05.

††IF for media listings after 200 free for Featured is $0.05.

Sellers without a shop subscription or with a basic shop subscription will be charged the current private seller fees for the site they list on when listing directly on international sites

  • The minimum price for all fixed price (Buy it now) listings is £0.99.

  • Fixed price listings aren't eligible for a relist credit if the item doesn't sell or if the buyer doesn't pay.

  • You pay the same insertion fee for a fixed price listing with multiple items as you would to list a single item. Learn more about multiple item listings and listings with variations.

  • Even if you pay for two or more identical Buy it now listings, only one will be visible. Find out more about what is considered a duplicate listing under our Duplicate listings policy. If you have multiple identical items for sale, we recommend that you consider using multiple item listings.

Final value fees for Buy it now listings in eBay Shops

The standard final value fees for private and business sellers apply for eBay Shops subscribers:

Upgrading, downgrading or cancelling your Shop

Upgrading your eBay Shop subscription

If you upgrade your eBay Shop subscription (for example, from Basic to Featured), you will see the following changes:

  • The charges for your current subscription tier for the current month will be prorated and the unused portion of the current subscription tier will be credited back to you

  • Any inclusive listing counter(s) associated with your current subscription will end at the time of upgrade

  • The upgraded subscription tier will be prorated

  • New inclusive listing counter(s) will take effect immediately until the end of the month month

  • Your subscription start date will be reset based on the upgrade date.

Downgrading your Shop

If you downgrade your eBay Shop subscription (e.g. from Featured to Basic) you will see the following changes:

  • Your current subscription will be charged until the end of the current month

  • Any inclusive listing counter(s) associated with your current subscription will end after the current month

  • Any shop benefits you receive will continue until the end of the calendar month

  • The charges for the lower subscription tier will start from the next calendar month

  • New inclusive listing counter(s) will be created for the downgraded subscription starting from the next month

  • Your new eBay Shop rate will apply to your Good 'Til Cancelled listings on their renewal date

Cancelling your Shop

If you decide to cancel your shop subscription then you will see the following changes:

  • Subscription charges will be applied until the end of the current month.

    Note: If you cancel within the first month of your subscription, you will be charged for 30 days plus the number of days to the end of the following calendar month.

  • Starting the next month, after the subscription is cancelled, any new listing will be charged based on standard applicable rates.

  • Any listing counter(s) associated with your subscription will be ended after the current calendar month.

Supplemental service fees

If you use supplemental services such as managed returns or other services offered by eBay or third parties, then charges associated with those services may also be treated as fees. Depending on the service, these charges may be included on seller invoices as a fee, which may be charged to your automatic payment method on file.

What you should know about your eBay fees

  • In the event your seller account is suspended for any reason, any amounts due on your seller account will immediately become due and payable. eBay reserves the right to immediately charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method that you are using.

  • Fees pay for the right to sell on eBay. Sellers do not purchase exclusive rights to web pages on eBay. We may, in our sole discretion, and without your consent or payment to you, place third-party advertisements on any web page within our site.

  • Insertion fees and optional feature fees are charged at the time of listing and are non-refundable.

  • Good 'Til Cancelled renews automatically every 30 days unless all of the items sell, you end the listing, or the listing breaches an eBay policy. Insertion fees are charged every 30 day period.

  • You can see your recent account activity by viewing your Account Activity page.

  • eBay requires payment in full each month on accounts with balances of £1.00 or greater. eBay may suspend your account for non-payment of eBay fees. If you have not paid your outstanding eBay fees after our reminders and warnings, eBay reserves the right to refer your account to an outside collection agency for collection of the outstanding eBay fees. Please note that the collection agency will also charge you a proportionate and reasonable fee for the collection of the unpaid eBay fees, which will vary according to the amount owed and which will be payable in addition to the outstanding eBay fees.

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