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  Why Sell on eBay Motors?

Sell your vehicle fast

  • Over 3 million unique visitors to every month
  • A car sells every two minutes on
  • Get more for your money

  • Create a detailed online listing with photos to encourage prospective
        buyers - there's more space than in a printed classified ad
  • Make selling easier

  • Buyers can see all the information they need to help them decide to buy
  • Answer questions from prospective buyers by email or phone; avoiding
        frequent visits to your home

  • Click here if you are a dealer!

    Now you can list a vehicle on eBay Motors in the Classified Ad format.
    Find out more about selling in the Classified Ad format.

      Steps to Successful Selling on eBay Motors

           Confirm your address and payment details to eBay to pay
           your selling fees. More >>

            Work out the value of your vehicle by either checking price
               guides or looking at other similar listings on eBay Motors         Take 6 to 12 pictures from a variety of angles (driver's side,
               passenger side, rear etc) More >>

           Create your eBay listing, being as descriptive as possible.
           See what an ideal listing looks like, and review the
           description checklist. More >>

           Specify terms and conditions in your listing to make payment
           and collection details clear. More >>

           Good communication with potential buyers, during and after
           trading, can help to ensure that transactions go smoothly and
           that you receive a high feedback score. More >>

      How to Sell on eBay Motors
      See an ideal listing
      View the description checklist
      Find out more about selling

      How to buy on eBay Motors
      View the buying checklist
      Find out about buying

      Safety & Services
      How to buy & sell safely on eBay
      Services for buyers & sellers