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The Nitty Gritty
Buyers always want to know the total cost of what they're buying, before they buy, so it is very important that you set the P&P costs properly when you list.

You should find everything you need to know in the eBay Postage Centre.

You can then add a reasonable amount as compensation for packaging materials, plus a modest dispatch cost. Please bear in mind, though, that it is not permitted to charge excessive postage and packaging, and sellers who are found to be doing this may find that their listings are ended or they are suspended from the site.

Make sure you pack the item well, (you can buy all your P&P supplies on eBay) as there is nothing more disappointing to a buyer than eagerly awaiting a delivery, only to find it has been damaged or broken in the post. Also, make sure you pay the correct postage - buyers don't want to face surcharges when their delivery arrives.

It is good practice to include an invoice or packing slip in each delivery (you can print out your PayPal invoice, if that is how your buyer paid). This gives buyers a record of their purchase, and (particularly if they often shop online) will remind them what they bought and from whom!

Check with your buyer whether they want to pay for postal insurance, or a trackable service, particularly on high-priced items.

Lastly, make sure you write a Sender's address on the parcel - in the unlikely event that the buyer isn't available, or your delivery service can't deliver it, this means it won't languish in a postal warehouse for months on end!

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PayPal is the fast, easy, and secure way to receive payments on eBay. When you list your item with PayPal as a payment method, your buyers can pay you securely online with a credit card or bank account.

PayPal provides:
  • Instant payments on eBay items. You get paid faster than with a cheque or postal order.
  • A comprehensive Seller Protection programme.
  • Online sales management tools and multiple currency functionality.
  • The ability to require immediate payment for Buy it Now items.
  • The ability to pay your eBay fees automatically from your PayPal account.
  • The ability to send and receive PayPal payments in multiple currencies making it easier to sell internationally
There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no minimum charge requirements. For sellers, there is a small fee for each payment completed through PayPal.

Find out more and get started on PayPal.

Other payment methods
eBay requires all sellers listing on eBay.co.uk to offer payments through PayPal (with some limited exceptions). In most cases, you may also offer other payment methods, including personal cheque, credit card and bank transfers.

There are some payment methods that aren't allowed on eBay.co.uk or eBay.ie, such as cash sent through the mail, or instant cash transfer services. For more information, see our Accepted payments policy.

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