Seller News April 2010

Attracting buyers from the US – buy visibility on
Currently, international listings are only displayed on the US or Canadian site when there are either a limited number of similar items being sold, or if the buyer chooses to search using the parameters “Location: Worldwide”. This is the case even if sellers have said that they will dispatch the item worldwide.

Get more sales from US customers

From 29 March 2010, sellers will be able to purchase the listing upgrade “International Site visibility” which will enhance their visibility in the general search results for fixed price listings on and The price for this feature will be £0.30. At the moment, this feature is available only for auction-style listings and current fees apply.

With the international site visibility listing upgrade, sellers have the potential to reach millions of buyers without having to create a separate listing for or This listing upgrade is only available on,, and Learn more about international site visibility.

Adding international site visibility to listings

Before you can add this listing upgrade, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 10 Positive Feedback.
  • An eBay account that is in good standing.
  • A PayPal account and be PayPal Verified.
  • Meet the selling requirements of

Learn more about selling rules and policies on, including the Buyer Protection policy.

Follow these steps to add this listing upgrade:

  • On the “Review your listing” page of the Sell Your Item form, under the heading “Maximise your item’s visibility”
  • Scroll to "International site visibility".
    • If you’re using Turbo Lister, this section is called “Listing Upgrades”.
    • If you can’t see the ISV option, it’s unavailable for your listing.
  • Make sure you’ve selected an international postage option to the designated country on the Sell your item form.
  • If you don’t see a country listed, you can’t purchase international site visibility on that country’s eBay site.

Take action

When Action
Now Choose the international site visibility listing upgrade if you dispatch to the US.
No action needed If you do not dispatch to the US