Seller News May 2011

Updates to help bring more customers and sales

Important Seller News

In the first Seller News of 2011 we're focusing on what's being done to help you increase sales, and to bring you even more customers by providing you with a better, safer retail experience.

Read more and prepare for the updates taking place in May.

Get better value for money

  1. Fee changes for business sellers

    From May 2011, we are simplifying the final value fee structure, making our pricing more transparent. We are also lowering insertion fees for Anchor and Basic Shops.

  2. PowerSeller update: Fee discounts now for only top quality service

    In May, the fee discount currently given to Above Standard PowerSellers will be retired. Only eBay Top-rated sellers who offer the best service continue to get up to 30% discount on final value fees.

  3. Listing Analytics: New features added to increase visibility and sales

    We're adding new features to our Listing Analytics application to give you more comprehensive picture to help improve your listings' performance and sales.

Site updates to increase sales

  1. Item specifics required in Fashion – help increase sales

    Item specific details will be required for new listings in Fashion from July. More buyers are searching and browsing clothes, shoes and accessories by key details such as style, size, brand, condition and type.

  2. List with a matching product to maintain your sales in Electronics

    Sellers listing in certain Electronics categories must list with a matching product from the eBay catalogue to maintain sales.

  3. More detailed item condition description values required in Media categories

    We're introducing more detailed values for item condition listings in selected media categories to help reduce unnecessary buyer questions and returns.

  4. Get ready for the new eBay shopping basket

    The new shopping basket is arriving in spring 2011.

Policy and other changes

  1. Duplicate listings to be removed

    In May, duplicate fixed price listings will be automatically ended.

  2. Making it easier to manage emails sent to buyers

    We're making it easier to manage the emails sent to buyers. You'll also be able to add tracking numbers from all carriers.