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Certified Recycled

Setting new standards with Certified Recycled

Providing buyers with recycled parts that meet professional standards and requirements, complete with warranties to give you peace of mind.

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  • certified

    Certified seller

    The seller goes through an independent, annual certification process with The VRAC, audited by RMI Standards and Certification and interface NRM.

  • quality tested

    Quality, tested parts

    The majority of parts are removed from the vehicle, quality tested and graded before being stored. This makes sure any defects are aligned across the grading system.

  • part warranty

    Parts warranty

    The seller provides a minimum of 12 months warranty on bodywork and 3 months warranty on mechanical and electrical components.

  • Eco-friendly choice

    Eco-friendly choice

    Reuse rather than remanufacture! The parts are quality, original-equipment parts harvested from end-oflife vehicles.

Why buy Certified Recycled?

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    Quality, original and genuine manufacturer parts

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    Next day delivery on over 90% of parts (UK Mainland only)

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    Warranties on all bodywork and mechanical parts

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    Save the planet— reuse instead of remanufacture

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What is a VRAC Certified Recycled part?

The purpose of the certification scheme is to provide buyers of vehicle parts with the confidence that:

  1. The recycled vehicle part has been accurately identified, recorded, tested, removed and sold by a vehicle recycler that operates a robust quality management system.
  2. The recycled vehicle parts sold by the VRAC certified recycler come with a warranty, and all purchases are protected by eBay's money back guarantee.
  3. The recycled vehicle part you buy has been checked to be free of recalls— giving you peace of mind.

Are the parts good quality? How do I know they will last?

Certified Recycled parts are tested for quality, they are graded and recalls are checked for by the seller. The parts are usually the original equipment part that was supplied with the car and manufactured to a high quality standard.

  1. Parts are sourced from independently certified automotive recyclers.
  2. High quality non-safety OE reclaimed parts made by the vehicle manufacturer.
  3. Warranty: 3 months mechanical and 1 year bodywork.

How does the grading work?

Cosmetic parts like a bumper or a door are graded on their external appearance, mechanical components like engines or gearboxes are graded based on mileage of the vehicle it was removed from and the part functioning.

Table A1 - Grading of engines and other mechanical components

Grade A B C D
Mileage < 60,000 miles 60,000 - 100,000 miles > 100,000 miles
Quality criteria Parts function correctly as intended by the original equipment manufacturer.
No visisble or audible damage or malfunction such as a crack, distortion, oil leak, or contamination oil or coolant.
Parts may not be tested or may not function correctly as intended by the original equipment manufacturer.

Table A2 - Grading non-appearance sensitive electrical parts

Grade A U
Quality criteria Parts function correctly as intended by the original equipment manufacturer. Parts may not be tested or may not function correctly as intended by the original equipment manufacturer.

Table A3 - Grading of external panels and bumpers

Grade A B C D
Quality criteria

Prep & Paint

Surface scratches & scuffs

Small dents, scrapes or gouges

No damage to swage lines

No damage to mounting/ fixing brackets

No damage to integral textured parts

No cracks, splits or holes

Minor repair & Paint

Total area of damage 1-2 units

No damage to mounting/ fixing brackets

No damage to integral textured parts

Small damage on swage lines permitted

No cracks, splits or holes

Significant repair & paint

Total area of damage >2 units of repair

Major repair & paint

Substantial damage requireing specialised repair such as welding

Not generally suitable for body shops

Maximum area of damage < 1 1 - 2 > 3 >>>> 2

What is VRAC Certified?

Certification involves an annual audit and review of a vehicle recycler's policies and procedures to ensure they meet the UK standard for reclaimed parts from end-of-life vehicles.

The standard was developed by the industry and is wholly owned by the VRA Certified Ltd. VRA Certification Ltd is an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, whose sole purpose is to manage and develop the UK's vehicle recycling certification scheme.

The standard applies to UK and ROI-based vehicle recyclers operating an end-of-life vehicle authorised treatment facility and includes requirements for:

  • A quality management system.
  • End-of-life vehicle acquisition and identification.
  • Parts grading, testing, recording and storage.
  • Parts marketing, sale, delivery and traceability.
  • Parts warranties on body work and mechanical parts.

Are they environmentally friendly to use?

Reusing is always better for the environment than remanufacturing. Purchasing recycled car parts makes car repairs more sustainable.

Does using recycled vehicle parts void my warranty?

This is a large reason why there is uncertainty around green parts, when there needn’t be. The only time a warranty may be voided is if the parts used to fix your car cause issues or damage to other car parts that previously worked fine. This is only likely to happen if an unqualified vehicle repairer installs the parts incorrectly, or they aren’t inspected thoroughly enough. Always make sure to check the warranty of your vehicle to fully understand the terms and conditions policy. See more at

certified seller

Become a certified seller

If you would like to join the UK’s largest online aggregator of green parts as a seller simply click the link below to begin the process. You will need to comply with the VRAC conditions for entry and there will be a series of verification steps carried out with you.

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