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Got a luxury item to sell?

List sneakers, watches, handbags and jewellery with Authenticity Guarantee and make money from your collection.

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How it works

  • Your piece is authenticated

    Once a purchase has been made, ship your item to a team of professionals who carefully inspect the piece to check its authenticity and condition.

  • It’s delivered

    After your piece is inspected, it's shipped to the buyer with a unique authentication card or tag—at no extra cost to you.

  • Returns are verified

    If a buyer returns your item, authenticators inspect it before sending it back to you.

Learn how to sell with Authenticity Guarantee 

Sell watches

Find out how to list your timepieces.

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Sell handbags & accessories

Discover how you can list luxury items.

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Sell sneakers

Find a new home for your kicks.

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Sell jewellery

List your precious pieces the easy way. 

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Thinking of a luxury purchase?

Invest in the best with Authenticity Guarantee.

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