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Terms and Conditions

This coupon is a 10% discount valid from 10:00am UK local time on 19 June 2024 until 11:59pm UK local time on 23 June 2024 on purchases on from selected sellers, unless cancelled earlier in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

How to redeem your coupon:

Simply make a purchase of £9.99 or more on from one of the following eligible sellers:

  1. abrasives_tools_man

  2. abrasives_tools_uk

  3. acceleratecarkks

  4. allen-gj

  5. allinone18

  6. alwaysfoin

  7. alweltview

  8. ancel-official

  9. angron_part

  10. areyourshop-009

  11. areyourshop-y

  12. artudatech-09

  13. autel-uk

  14. autelgolobal

  15. autelscanner

  16. auto--master

  17. auto.toy

  18. auto919

  19. autoaccpart

  20. autoarea

  21. autobestforqx

  22. automotorbiker2019

  23. autoparts-etrade

  24. autotech365

  25. autotoolonly

  26. bestsourcing_auto

  27. bo-di1655

  28. bo-innovatecgo2020

  29. bossservices

  30. bsautomobile

  31. carbulbhouse

  32. carchoice17

  33. care_for_your_car

  34. carparttops

  35. carshop2022

  36. cartoolsworlduk

  37. dehomegaga_6

  38. digitalmall-all

  39. doublebestcsus

  40. eforshop-11

  41. expresstrade4u

  42. extra_auto_parts_aron

  43. extramotor

  44. fixtheworld

  45. flyxiang-09

  46. flyxiang-11

  47. freedomcomes

  48. future_autopart

  49. gearzaartech

  50. gooloo

  51. guolong-30

  52. gzxhongwl

  53. happy2brother

  54. happystore8819

  55. healthbeauty2008

  56. homemall14

  57. hotsaleshop-09

  58. ibay2021

  59. ignitionrushs

  60. jieli1996

  61. kawangda

  62. kingbolen_uk

  63. kingdomsales18

  64. merry_buy8

  65. merryinternationalshop

  66. modified_parts_uk

  67. motor_performance

  68. motorbabyus

  69. mz9006

  70. mz9008

  71. nerverend

  72. neverland_cover_uk

  73. neverland-2012

  74. obd2diag

  75. obddiagnose

  76. obdprice

  77. obdtoolsprostore

  78. peigimall

  79. podofo

  80. popularcitynew

  81. qmh_11

  82. racingspecialist

  83. reachmall-01

  84. reparaturautoteile

  85. shininglamptop

  86. startersking

  87. supermaket74

  88. thinkcar-official-store-us

  89. thinkcar-official-uk

  90. topzan-09

  91. tournew_8

  92. uk-launch

  93. ukhomegardentool_0

  94. ukworldbuyer2019

  95. vident-direct

  96. vtoman

  97. watericemoon

  98. wonderchoice

  99. worldsellingauto

  100. yanyiauto

  101. yanyimotorparts

and pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, or debit card.

Enter coupon code DRIVE10 at checkout when prompted. The maximum discount you can receive is £75 per redemption and you are limited to three redemptions.

Coupon Terms and Conditions:

  1. This offer is open to users registered on with a UK address, who must be UK residents of 18 years of age or older. The shipping address must also be a UK address.

  2. Three coupon redemptions per registered user only. The coupon is valid from the date you receive the coupon until the end date, unless cancelled earlier in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

  3. This coupon is valid only when you pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, or debit card.

  4. To redeem this coupon, a minimum Purchase Price of £9.99 is required ("Purchase Price" means the total price of the items you buy. It does NOT include related postage and packing costs or any taxes which are not included in the item price).

  5. The coupon must be redeemed in a single transaction. When using Cart, it can be used when purchasing from multiple sellers. If your Purchase Price is less than the coupon amount, you will lose the unused amount.

  6. Enter coupon code DRIVE10 when you are prompted to during the payment process and you will receive the related discount on the final amount of your Purchase Price. The discount does not apply to the related postage and packing costs or to any taxes which are not included in the item price.

  7. The "Property", "Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles", and "Coins, Banknotes & Bullion" categories are always excluded.

  8. The purchase you make to redeem this coupon must comply with eBay's User Agreement and policies.

  9. This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon, site discount, rebate, offer, gift coupon or other promotion.

  10. This coupon has no cash value, cannot be transferred, cannot be forwarded and cannot be exchanged.

  11. This coupon is void where prohibited.

  12. Any refund you may be entitled to receive will not include the coupon or its redemption value. You will receive no more than the amount you paid towards your Purchase Price and will not be eligible for a further coupon.

  13. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales.

  14. eBay makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding any product or service provided by any third party in connection with any coupon promotion.

  15. eBay will not be responsible for any third party's performance or failure to perform any services related to any coupon promotion, or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense, or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of the coupon, provided that nothing shall limit eBay's liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence.

  16. eBay reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel this coupon promotion at any time, in the event of circumstances arising which in eBay's opinion make it necessary for it to do so. eBay reserves the right to add additional terms and conditions for certain parts of this coupon promotion.

  17. eBay (UK) Limited ("eBay") is the organiser of the promotion. eBay may carry out this organisation through its local subsidiaries.

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