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eBay UK turns 25

eBay UK turns 25

Here’s to unique finds and pocket-friendly prices.

Here’s to unique finds and pocket-friendly prices.

  • Let’s toast to this journey together

  • Welcome to the 25th anniversary celebration, a tribute to the legacy of unique finds and great deals that have defined this marketplace. Explore the evolution of eBay UK—a platform that has revolutionised the art of online shopping with an inventory that spans far and wide, from rare collectables to expertly-refurbished tech gadgets and everything in-between.

  • Get a great deal, explore fun facts and learn more about eBay UK’s commitment to value and quality. Whether you’re a long-time member or new here, explore how this marketplace supports every individual, from collectors, fashion enthusiasts, tech aficionados, casual sellers, small business owners and more. Join the celebrations as we acknowledge what makes eBay UK the go-to marketplace for those seeking exciting opportunities or searching for that one thing that means everything.

  • Did you know?

    One of the most expensive items ever sold on eBay UK was a Ferrari Enzo, which fetched over £1 million. It's a testament to the high-end treasures that can be found on the platform.

  • Did you know?

    In 2004, a group of students from the University of Nottingham put their entire final year of university up for auction on eBay UK, offering bidders the chance to experience all aspects of student life, including lectures and parties.

  • Did you know?

    eBay UK has a rich history of charity auctions. One notable example is when a single cornflake shaped like the country of Italy was sold on eBay UK for £1,050, with the proceeds going to charity.

The home of recommerce

Since 1999, eBay UK has championed better than new, celebrating the beauty of Refurbished tech, pre-loved fashion and more long before it became a trend. In fact, 2023’s Black Friday campaign included only non-new inventory, offering shoppers the chance to snap up savvy deals on high-quality brands.

Celebrate with a saving (or two)

Don’t miss the very best anniversary offers—they’re this way!

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Makita power tool, iPhone and coffee machine in separate cards with the number 25 in the top corner.
  • Did you know?

    The official sponsors of Love Island, eBay UK, made waves by dressing the Islanders in pre-loved fashion, showcasing the glam side of sustainability and setting a trend for planet-friendly style.

  • Did you know?

    eBay UK has been a pioneer in mobile commerce. In 2010, a pair of shoes was the first item to be sold via the eBay app in the UK, marking the shift towards shopping on the go.

  • Did you know?

    The eBay UK community is diverse and dedicated. In 2016, it was reported that 200,000 small businesses traded on eBay UK, and the platform was responsible for 25% of the total number of UK online shoppers.

  • 25 years of pocket-friendly finds

  • From everyday essentials to life’s greatest luxuries, there's always a deal to be had. eBay UK is the ultimate destination for those looking for quality, variety and the best bang for their buck.

  • Whether through the thrill of the auction, a flash sale offer or a seasonal promotion, you’ll know you can find the very best value in one place. No need to search high and low, it's all here!

Authenticity Guarantee launched in 2021

Designed to give customers peace of mind on luxury purchases. Experts check handbags, sneakers, watches and jewellery, so you know you’ve got the real deal.

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