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Don't know how everything links together? Every eBay for Charity item sold makes a difference, as a percentage of the proceeds will go to charity. Here's how it all works:

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Anyone selling on eBay can list an eBay for Charity item and donate a percentage to charity Some eBay for Charity items are sold directly by charities themselves. You can support charities easily while shopping on eBay.
1 The item sells. The seller receives payment from the buyer (and a matching % fee credit from eBay.) 1 The charity sets up an eBay seller's account and adds their eBay ID as a "Direct Seller" in their PayPal Giving Fund account, linking the two. 1 Look for the eBay for charity ribbon in search result, which shows the items that benefit good causes.
2 PayPal Giving Fund collects the donation from the seller. The payment method on file with eBay is used unless the seller has chosen otherwise. 2 The charity lists an item, choosing itself as the benefiting charity and 100% donation level. 2 Visit and bookmark our home page and shopping page to view all the items that benefit charities.
3 If the seller ticked the Gift Aid box, PayPal Giving Fund claims Gift Aid for the charity. 3 The item sells, and the charity receives payment from the buyer and a fee credit from eBay. 3

When making a purchases, add a small donation to the charity you see in eBay checkout.

4 After a short period to ensure all has gone through successfully, 100% of the donation and Gift Aid is transferred to the chosen charity. 4 The charity keeps the money to spend on furthering its work. 4 Choose which charities you see in eBay checkout on the “My Favorite Charities” page in your Donation Account.

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You can learn more on the eBay for Charity Help page.

Selling: Learn how to sell on eBay for Charity and view the eBay for Charity terms and conditions.

Charities: To register for eBay for Charity, and learn more about how to raise funds on eBay, visit the PayPal Giving Fund website

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