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Bulk list and manage sales using flat files

eBay File Exchange is an end-to-end selling tool that enables high-volume sellers to list multiple items on eBay in a single file. File Exchange is a great tool for sellers to easily transfer their files from their computer to eBay. Sellers can list items using flat files from an Excel spreadsheet, MS Access, or other inventory software.

   Platform independent
   Upload flat file listings from Excel or CSV files
   Create and list items in bulk

Helpful File Exchange Links
Take the Online Tour Read the FAQs File Exchange Help Board
Instructions and Resources Basic Instructions Download the User Guide (pdf)


Full-scale listing capabilities

• Add, revise, re-list, and end a listing or update the status and leave feedback for a listing all in a single file
• Download active listings and sales history reports in a flat file format for importing to your own software package
• Creates the file template you need for any category, including the columns for any item-specifics

Platform independent

• Create listings from any application on any operating system
• Support for HTTP Post

Seller Requirements
• Must be registered on eBay for at least 90 days
• Must have an average of 50 or more active listings per month for the last two months

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