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XML parse errors are typically caused by unrecognized characters. The offending characters are often hidden and were likely added inadvertently when copying content from another program into eBay. When you view the text in Notepad, the offending characters appear as small squares. Delete the squares, save the file, and resubmit the template to eBay.

If you open your text in a text editor like Notepad, the characters will show up as a small square (black border and white inside). You will need to search and delete these characters from any text that is included in any component of your ads, i.e. SKU, Posting Template, Ad Template, etc.

17The item cannot be found because the listing has been deleted, is a listing, or you are not the seller.
34This error is returned most often when a domestic or international shipping option is requested but values for all four domestic (ShippingType, ShippingService-1:Option, ShippingService-1:Priority, ShippingService-1:Cost) or international shipping (IntlShippingService-1:Option, IntlShippingService-1:Priority, IntlShippingService-2:Option, IntlShippingService-2:Priority) are not provided. When values are not provided for one or more domestic or international shipping fields, this error is returned.
35The username and password combination you provided is not valid. You cannot sign in to eBay. Check your username and password and try again. For assistance, click the Customer Support link at the top of the eBay website.
36This error is rarely returned but can occur when you try to remove eBay services you have already paid for, such as a listing upgrade or the removal of multiple EPS pictures.
40This error usually occurs when Gallery is selected as a listing upgrade but no image is contained in the local image path. Remove the Gallery upgrade and post the listing again.
70The title you submitted exceeds 80 characters. Shorten the title and re-submit the listing.
73Enter a starting price for your item and submit the listing again.
83The value you provided for Duration does not apply to the listing type or is invalid for the category you selected. Select a valid listing type or category and submit the listing again.
85The URL you provided contains "eBay". To work around the error, link directly to the IP address. Alternatively, you may have selected the Gallery feature but failed to define a Gallery URL or the PictureURL image is of the .GIF (for licensing reasons, Gallery images cannot be of the .GIF format). When no GalleryURL has been defined, the PictureURL is used by default and causes this error.
87When eBay updates categories, eBay-created mapping rules typically detect a category change and update your category information. The change is noted in your account. Should you encounter this error, reset the categories contained in your templates.
96You cannot specify that both the buyer and seller pay for shipping.
97Contradictory shipping locations were specified. Individual shipping regions cannot be selected when a single country or international locations are indicated.
107Make sure you use the correct File Exchange template in the correct CSV Comma Delimited format.
116Accounts can be blocked for several reasons. For example, they can be taken over (hijacked) or suspended for repeated policy violations. For assistance, click the Customer Support link at the top of the eBay website.
120eBay needs to collect insertion and final value fees. You must set up direct payment with either a credit card or a Paypal account.
121If you have a credit card on file and this message appears, please try re-entering the credit card information.
122You cannot list new items until you settle your account. When it comes to non-payment of eBay fees, reinstating your account is simple. According to eBay Rules And Policies, "Your account will be automatically reinstated as soon as you pay any outstanding fees." For assistance, click the Customer Support link at the top of the eBay website.
158This error refers to the instructions for eBay Checkout located under My Account -> eBay Site Specifics. eBay may have recently updated site-specific values, which may cause this error. Please review this section and remove any extraneous characters. In addition, HTML may generate more characters than expected because of the way it is encoded.
190The price you provided for Buy It Now must be greater than the reserve price. The Buy It Now price must also exceed the starting price.
196Re-enter your credit card information and then relist the item.
240The title or description may contain improper words, the listing or seller may violate eBay policy, or the listing may contain a web-sourced photo, all of which can cause this error. You can isolate the error by going to the eBay Sell Your Item page, filling in values for all fields, and then looking for those fields that eBay flags as incorrect or invalid.
241Due to operational issues at eBay, the email message normally sent to the seller for every new listing may not have been sent. Despite this error, the item was successfully listed.
249A database error caused the transaction to fail. Please try the transaction again.
287Please check the listing requirements for Buy It Now items. For example, to list a Buy It Now item, you must have earned a minimum feedback score. For details about eBay feedback scores, see the eBay website.
307Make sure the format is set to Auction (Buy It Now can only be used with the Auction format).
342When an item is located in a country other than where it is listed, specify CrossBorderTrade (available in CA, US, IE, and UK only).
353Generally speaking, you cannot use HTML or JavaScript functions to manipulate the standard functions of eBay listings. In fact, attempting to disguise the intention or function of a listing's source code with HTML or JavaScript violates eBay policy. For details, see
354This error typically occurs when a payment method has not been specified. You must choose at least one payment method.
419If you indicate that sales tax is to be applied to a listing, you must specify the tax. A valid value is a number greater than zero (0).
470Be sure to enter values for the mandatory Item Specifics fields and resubmit the listing.
474The specified user was not found in our database. Check your eBay User ID and make sure you entered it correctly.
499The item is usually posted to eBay despite this error. If not, please list the item again.
500The start date you provided occurs in the past. Please enter a date that occurs in the future.
518Unless your application has passed the Compatible Application check, you can submit up to 10,000 listing actions per day. This error occurs when this threshold is exceeded. Sometimes this error occurs at other times. Some users can dismiss this error by logging out and logging back in again.
520When you send information to eBay, you need to specify which version of the API your application is using. This error occurs when your application uses an older and (perhaps) incompatible version of the eBay API. API version information is contained in the Action header metadata.
588Either you have not registered your eBay ID to sell or you have exceeded the limits on your selling activity. For more information, see
732Log in to PayPal and provide a valid email address. Be sure to provide a valid physical address as sometimes this error occurs when no physical address has been provided to PayPal.
771To automatically schedule listings on eBay, you must arrange for automatic payment of listing fees. Log in to your payment account and provide credit card details and/or establish a direct debit agreement with eBay.
840The item you requested is scheduled to start in the future. To start the item sooner, reset the start date.
841This error occurs when the token of a suspended user is used to make an API call. Before the token can be used, the user must resolve the suspension. To check if an account is suspended, check the registered email account for notices from eBay, check your My Messages page in My eBay, or make a GetUser API call with the valid token of an unsuspended user. For details, see
916The cited read-only Item Specifics are no longer valid and were dropped. More information.
924The respective Item Specifics are invalid and have been dropped.
930The XML request did not contain values for <RequestPassword> or <RequestToken>. Provide these values and resubmit the request.
5028Check the value provided and resubmit the listing.
5030Check the date (or the date format) provided in the listing.
5112The values you provided for Item Specifics (replaceable_value, replaceable_value) do not match the category you selected. To correct the listing, upload the latest Item Specifics from eBay.
5116The Item Specific named "replaceable_value" was dropped. Review your listing and, if necessary, update the Item Specifics.
10007This indicates an error on the eBay server – not an error in your application.
10008The value provided for "replaceable_value" is out of range. Check the value and resubmit the request.
10009Either "replaceable_value" does not exist or "replaceable_value" is specified as an empty tag in the request. Check "replaceable_value" and resubmit the listing.
10022According to eBay policy, PayPal is no longer available as a payment option for this item. Update the listing to remove this payment option.
10029When an Auction style listing has one pending bid or when the listing is within 12 hours of ending, values for Title or Subtitle cannot be revised. Likewise, values for Title or Subtitle cannot be revised for Fixed Price listings when at least one quantity has been sold or when at least one pending best offer has been submitted.
10065When you revise or relist an item, you cannot update the currency type. To update the currency type, end the listing and then resubmit it.
10095Please modify the value provided for Duration. You can list items for 30 or 90 days or Good 'til Cancelled (3, 5, 7, 10 and 20-day listing durations are no longer available for Store Inventory items).
10097You cannot revise or relist Personal Offer or Live Auction items.
10117To pay your seller fees, you must keep your credit card information up-to-date on eBay. For details, see
10124The URL you provided contains "eBay". To work around the error, link directly to the IP address. Alternatively, you may have selected the Gallery but failed to provide a Gallery URL.
10125The Picture URL is determined by the value configured in the Picture URL field at the bottom of the posting template. Verify that this field contains a proper value and a proper extension. eBay supports the following types of images only – JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIF.
11012Because you specified a preference to offer PayPal on all listings, PayPal has been added as a payment method.
12006The search found no match. Check the name of the search.

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