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Easily get the money your business needs to grow with eBay Seller Capital.

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  • Fast

    Get funds as quickly as 1-2 business days

    upon approval.*

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    Repay as you earn through a percentage of

    your eBay sales.*

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In partnership with YouLend, eBay Seller Capital helps businesses like yours grow with flexible funding from from £500- £1,000,000. Funding can be used for any business purpose and is typically repaid as a percentage of your eBay sales.

You are eligible for eBay Seller Capital if:

  • You have been trading for 3 months

  • You generate at least £500 in sales through eBay each month

To apply, click the button below. Please ensure you’re logged into the eBay account you would like the funding to be linked to for funding and repayment. You’ll be directed to the YouLend application page who may reach out to progress your application.

Apply now

eBay Seller Capital can help your business grow

Buy more to sell more

Source more inventory to get ahead of customer demand. 

Reach new audiences

Invest in marketing to get the word out about your unique products. 

Upgrade your technology

Put money towards new equipment and systems to optimise your business. 

No, eBay has selected YouLend as the preferred finance provider in the UK.

You can apply here and typically get a quote the same day. In the application, you will be asked for some basic information about your business, and to share business bank statements. This can take as little as 5 minutes, and if you prefer, you can speak to the YouLend team directly to help with your application.

You can use the funding for any business purpose. Most sellers use the funding to buy stock, invest in advertising, invest in storage space or to manage a temporary disruption to the business.

Your offers will be based on your eBay sales history. The longer you've been trading and the higher your monthly revenue is, the better your offers will be. Typically, you can expect your offer will be the same amount as your average monthly sales with eBay.

Repayments will happen automatically as a fixed percentage of daily eBay sales. This percentage is pre-agreed during your application process and typically ranges from 5-25%. 

No. You will only be charged a single fixed fee, so you know exactly what you will repay up front.

There is no fixed term for our finance, meaning there are never any late fees, ever. Having said that, if repayment performance is below expectation, our team can arrange alternative repayment options that are better suited to your business.

Applying for finance through YouLend will not impact your credit score. Taking out finance, and not repaying, could impact your credit score.

Once you have been funded by YouLend at least once, and have repaid 80%, you can usually get quotes for additional funding and get the funds transferred the same day that you request it.

To find out your outstanding balance, you can simply log in to your YouLend account which shows you your full payment history. 

Yes, you can always make one-off payments free of charge if you would like to. Please note, this will not change the one-off fee. 

Terms and conditions


*eBay Seller Capital financing provided by YouLend. Subject to YouLend's terms and conditions. If you click “Apply now“, you will be redirected to YouLend Limited (“YouLend”) and eBay will share certain data with YouLend so that YouLend can assess your financing or application expeditiously. Such data is limited to records from your seller account such as: seller account information (including business name, date of birth, and eBay ID), and sales information from the previous 12 months.

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