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Changing Your User ID

Your user ID is the unique nickname you choose for signing in when you first register at eBay. You can change your user ID (once in a 30-day period) by going to the Change user ID page.

When you change your user ID:

  • The change will appear immediately, even in listings you're participating in.

  • eBay will automatically attach your member and other important account information, including your Feedback score, to your new user ID.

  • The "Changed ID" icon will appear next to your user ID for 30 days.

  • Your old user ID can't be used by anyone else at eBay for 30 days.

Note: You can only change your user ID once in a 30-day period. This is to prevent confusion for other members. Keep in mind that your user ID is a valuable asset, like your Feedback profile. Other eBay members will come to recognise you by your user ID, so it's a good idea to choose one you'll want to use long term.

You can view a member's previous user IDs from their Feedback Profile, by clicking View ID history.

Tip: If you forget your user ID, try using your registered email address.

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