About member-created content

There are many ways to express yourself on eBay. When you have something you want to share with the eBay Community, choosing the right tool to post makes all the difference. You can use one or all of these features.

If you want to post opinions, you should use:

  • Discussion Boards: Discussion boards are a great way to get involved in a dialogue with many members of the community. Posts are mostly short opinions or questions with the expectation that another user will respond with a post. Visit eBay discussion boards

  • Reviews: Here you can post comments and ratings for specific products. On the Reviews & Guides page, search for the product you want to review, and then click the Write a Review link.

  • Groups: Groups let you connect with other eBay members to discuss your common interests and exchange ideas.

It's important not to use these opinion areas for feedback about a trading partner. Our Feedback system is designed to keep track of all comments related to transactions. Posting Feedback in other areas results in inaccurate Feedback scores.

When you want to share factual information, you should use:

  • Guides: eBay Guides are fact-based articles written by experts, collectors or any member with helpful, accurate information to share. Often, these are written as a 'how-to' for products or features. To get started, visit the Reviews & Guides page, and then click the Write a Guide link.

Guides are authored by, and belong to, individual members. You should cite reliable sources in your content whenever possible. Writing verifiable information helps members immediately and cuts down on the chance of it being edited or deleted by others.

You can promote yourself or your items by using content and the links from your entries in Reviews and Guides in other places on eBay. For example, a seller can place links to their reviews on their eBay Shops page, or buyers with expertise on collectables can direct members to a guide. For eBay's rules about member-created content, see Community Content Policy.

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