Making your donation payment

Paying your donations

In order to sell items and donate a portion of your sale to charity, please specify a valid PayPal account as your Charity Payment Method. To check your Donation Payment Method, go to My eBay, select the Account tab, and view your Personal Information. Scroll down to find the Charity payment method, you will see the charity ribbon icon, from here you can update your Charity payment method to PayPal.

Sellers receive invoices for donations due when eBay is unable to process your donation automatically (such as sellers without PayPal as their default charity payment method). You need to pay this PayPal invoice so that your selected charity will get the appropriate funds.

You may view your unprocessed donations and pay invoices by following the link below to your Donation Account:

Please pay this invoice before the due date to avoid any interruption to your charity selling - failure to pay could result in the ineligibility of future listings for charitable donations.To have your donations paid automatically through PayPal, please select PayPal as your Automatic Payment Method. You can update that now in your My eBay:

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