Can I register my business?

Register your business by clicking the 'Want to open an account for your business?' link on the registration page. If you already have a private account, you can change it to a business account in My eBay.  Go to the Account tab, and click on 'Personal Information'.

Should you register as a business?
Choose a business account if you:

  • Sell items that you bought to resell.

  • Sell items that you produced yourself to sell.

  • Sell a large amount of goods on a regular basis.

  • Sell new items that you bought but don’t use personally.

  • Sell items as a trading assistant.

  • Buy items for your business.

If you aren’t sure whether you should register as a business or as an individual, it’s best to get legal advice.

What are the advantages of a business account?
As a business seller you can:

  • Register with a company name. Your company name will be displayed in invoices, emails, and other buyer communications.

  • Display contact details, return policies, and terms and conditions in your listings.

  • Provide the value-added tax (VAT) percentage when selling with the Sell Your Item form.

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