Item Condition

Items described as "new" or "used" help buyers and sellers understand more about item listings.

Guideline for describing an item's condition as "new"
An item can be listed as new if it's unused, fully functional and has no signs of damage or wear.

The guideline is generally, but not always, applicable when determining an item's condition. Sellers should always be as specific as possible when describing items as it will encourage prospective buyers.

To improve your listings you could:

  • State whether or not the item will be posted in its original packaging, and if it has ever been opened.
  • List all manuals, accessories and additional documents that will be dispatched with the item.
  • State the item's model year, series, season or edition.
  • Note if the item has a valid warranty that can be passed on to the buyer.
  • Let the buyer know if the item has been exhibited in a shop or show, or has been used to demonstrate a product.
  • Note if the item has an expiry date.
  • Explain whether shop tags are still attached (for example, in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories).
  • List any certificates that will be provided with the item (for example, in Jewellery & Watches).

Buyers should read the item description carefully. If you have questions, please contact the seller and ask for additional details.