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How long should I wait for the seller to contact me?

If you have a question, it's perfectly fine for you to make the first contact with the seller, using the Ask a question link in the listing.

Remember, many eBay sellers keep regular business hours, and some don't respond to emails during the evening, on weekends or on public holidays.

If you can't contact the seller by email after you purchase an item, or you don't receive a response, you should request the seller's contact information and call them.


  • Buyers can only obtain a seller's contact information if they bid on or buy one of the seller's items. Sellers can only obtain the contact information of a bidder or buyer of one of their listings. 

  • Our contact information policy requires that all members have updated contact information on file with us at all times. If you request the seller's contact information and find that it's incorrect, please let us know.

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