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My Recently Viewed Items and Searches

At the bottom of search results and listings, eBay displays the last 3 items you viewed and your last 3 searches. This allows you to go back to see items you liked but may have forgotten.

Recently viewed items
Items displayed in this box may be revisited by clicking on them just as you would elsewhere on eBay. In addition, there are links to help you keep track of these items for later viewing, and links to help you find more items like the ones you visited.

Remember, the items shown here may not stay for long. If you view more than 3 items, the ones you viewed first will no longer appear. Also, the items won't be shown if you leave the site for a long time or close your browser. To make sure items of interest can be viewed here again, you can bid on them or add them to your watch list in My eBay. To watch items, simply click the "Watch this item" link next to each item.

You can also click the "View seller's other items" or the "View similar items" links to find more items you may like.

Recent searches
It's easy to find previous searches you’ve run. Instead of clicking the Back button and losing your place in finding the items you want, just click on the links in "Recent Searches" to run those searches again.

Starting over
To start over and remove your last 3 items and searches, click the "Clear All" link.

Recently viewed preferences
If you would prefer never to see the last 3 items and searches displayed, you may elect to disable this feature. Just visit the
Change My "Recently Viewed" preferences.

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