Receiving your item

When you receive your item, inspect it right away to make sure it matches the description in the seller's listing. Next, leave the seller feedback about your experience buying this item and your satisfaction with the purchase.

If something is unsatisfactory, please consider contacting the seller before leaving feedback. Most times it is simply a misunderstanding that the seller will be happy to correct.

If the item is different than what was described in the listing, you may be eligible for eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Still Waiting For Your Item?

When the seller posts your item to you, he or she may let you know how long to expect to wait to receive it.

If your item is taking longer to reach you than you expected, you can contact your seller and ask when the item was posted. The seller's email address is on the End of Auction email you received and is also available by clicking on the seller's user ID on the listing page.

If you would like your seller's phone number, request full contact information on the Find Contact information page.

If you continue not to receive your item significantly past when your seller said it would arrive, you may be eligible for eBay's Fraud Protection Programme. Learn more about steps to take to avoid fraud and how to file a complaint.

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