Winning an Item Overview

You've won an item in an auction-style listing or confirmed that you want to buy an item with Buy It Now.

Here's what to do next:

  1. Review the seller's payment instructions as written on the item listing.

  2. If the seller has selected to use eBay's Checkout service, click on the Checkout button located on the listing page, My eBay, or your End of Auction email. Checkout calculates the total amount to pay and sends your payment and posts information to the seller. It can also help you request any payment information that was not specified in the listing.

    If Checkout is not available for your item, contact the seller directly. Usually this is done using email. The seller may also contact you first with instructions.

  3. Pay the seller.

    If you use Checkout and pay with PayPal, payment will be automatically sent to the seller as part of the completed Checkout process.

  4. Wait to receive the item.

  5. Leave the seller feedback.

    As a professional courtesy, please contact the seller or use Checkout within 3 business days after the end of the listing.

Learn more about:
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  • Receiving Your Item
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