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Frequently Asked Questions about Feedback Revision

What is Feedback revision?

Feedback revision lets the buyer change the Feedback rating, comment or Detailed Seller Ratings they left for a seller, but only if the seller first sends a request to the buyer asking them to revise the Feedback. Feedback revision will only be available for negative and neutral Feedback ratings.

Why is eBay enabling buyers to change Feedback?

Everybody makes mistakes - buyers and sellers alike. Buyers should be able to change the feedback they left if they made a mistake or if the seller rectifies the problem in a timely manner. Unlike Mutual Feedback Withdrawal, buyers will be able to revise the feedback, not just withdraw the rating.

Are there limits to the number of requests a seller can send?

Sellers will have a limited number of requests per year since there is a difference in the buyer experience when a buyer receives the item as expected the first time. Having limits will enable sellers who make fewer mistakes to differentiate from sellers who make more mistakes.

What are the limits?

Sellers will be allowed to send 5 requests per 1,000 Feedback earned per year. So, every seller will have at least five requests per year. High volume sellers (those earning more than 1,000 Feedback per year) will earn the ability to send more requests.

Why limit the number of times a seller can send a request?

We want sellers to continue to focus on providing great service up front, not addressing problems after they arise.

Enabling buyer’s unlimited ability to change Feedback will create a tool that enables the buyer to extort the seller.

Based on 2007 Mutual Feedback Withdrawal data, 88% of sellers who earned less than 1000 Feedback in 2007 used Mutual Feedback Withdrawal 2 or fewer times for the entire year.

As seller volume increased above 20,000 Feedback earned per year, sellers required less than 2 requests per 1000.  


Will eBay consider increasing the rate of the requests per 1,000 Feedback earned? 

We will evaluate all aspects of the system, including the limits.

Why is the seller required to send a request to the buyer?

It allows the seller to control the process. The seller can choose to send the request only when they are confident the buyer has agreed to change the feedback.


It also is much easier to place limits on sellers than buyers since they transact more frequently.

When can a seller send a request?

You can send a request to a buyer to change the Feedback within 30 days of the Feedback being left.

Note: Only send requests when you are confident the buyer will change the Feedback since you only get 5 requests per 1,000 Feedback earned.

How much time does the buyer have to respond to the request?

Buyers will have 10 days to respond to the seller’s request.

What action can the buyer take when they receive the request?

A buyer will have three options when they receive the request from the seller:

  • Revise the Feedback (rating, comment or Detailed Seller Rating may be changed

  • Decline the Feedback revision request – no action is taken

  • Ignore the Feedback revision request – no action is taken

Why is the Feedback not changed when the buyer fails to respond to the request sent by the seller?

eBay will only change a buyer's Feedback when they respond affirmatively to the request. (Sellers should only send a request when the buyer has agreed to revise the Feedback.)


How many times per transaction can a seller send a request?

Sellers may only send one request to a buyer per transaction.

Can a buyer change their Feedback rating to a lower rating?

A buyer cannot lower their rating, for example they can't change a positive rating to a neutral or negative; or a neutral to a negative.

Sellers are only able to ask a buyer to change a neutral or negative Feedback.

What if the buyer has not received an email with a request?

A buyer can still respond to a request by accessing it within the Won Items section in My eBay.

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