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Icons In Listings
Icons: Meaning in My eBay
Icons: Meaning in Search Results
Identity Overview
IM Alerts
Images: Adding Pictures Overview
Images: Fixing a Gallery Image
Images: Picture Pack
Images: Slide show
SMS Alerts
Images: Supersize Image
Immediate Payment: as a Buyer Requirement
Immediate Payment (for Buyers)
Importing CSV File Using Selling Manager Pro
Importation of goods into the United Kingdom or Ireland (Policy)
Improve performance by sending items promptly
Improving performance with the right postage and packaging costs
Including tracking or Delivery Confirmation information
Information Sales
Intellectual Property VeRO: Tutorial
International Buying
International Postage
International Search Visibility
International Trading (Policy)
Invalid Bid Retraction (Policy)
Invalid Bidding
Invalid Contact Information
Invalid Email Address
Invalid or Dead Email Addresses (Policy)
Inventory files
Invoice email preview
Invoice: How to Read (for Sellers)
Invoice: VAT foreign EU
Invoice: VAT local EU
Invoice: VAT non-EU
Invoice: VAT-exempt business members
Invoice of Selling Fees
Invoices: Printing Using Selling Manager
Invoicing and Payments
Ipix: Adding Pictures Overview
Ipix: Picture Pack
Ipix: Supersize Image
Is My Item Allowed?
ISBN: Searching by
Item condition policy for returns
ISBN: Searching by
Item Listing Miscategorisation
Items: Comparing
Item Number: Searching by
Item Description: Searching
Item Location Misrepresentation
Item Not Received - Online Fraud Complaint
Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described Policy
Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described Process
Item Number Search
Item Number: Searching by
Item Specifics FAQs
Item Specifics Overview
Item specifics Product Finder example
Item Specifics View Item Example
Item Specifics: Advantages
Item Not Received Or Item Significantly Not as Described
Items Purchased Outside of eBay (Fraud)
Items: How to relist
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