Choosing a User ID

A User ID is the unique nickname you use to identify yourself on eBay.

When you register at eBay, choose a User ID that you like and that you'll remember. For example:

  • You might use words identifying your favorite collecting area, your business, or occupation.

  • You could refer to your hometown and call yourself camberwell_beauty.

  • Or refer to your own sense of style and choose something like Del_Boy303.

Remember that User IDs:

  • May contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and/or many symbols

  • Must be at least two characters long

  • Can't contain spaces

  • Can't be obscene, profane, or hateful

  • Can?t be or resemble an email address or website

Things you can't include:

  • The @, &, <, or > symbol

  • URLs (for example

  • Consecutive underscores "__"

  • An underscore "_", dash "-", or period "." at the beginning of a User ID

  • Spaces or tabs

  • The word "eBay"—only eBay employees may use "eBay" in their User IDs

  • The letter "e" followed by numbers

Tip: If you forget your User ID, you can have it sent to your registered email address.

Note: You can only change your User ID once in a 30-day period. This is to prevent confusion for the rest of us. Keep in mind that your User ID is a valuable asset, like your feedback rating. Trading partners will come to recognize you by your User ID, so it's a good idea to choose one you'll want to use for the long term.

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