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How do I know how much to pay?

You can find how much your need to pay for your item:

  • In the listing

  • From My eBay

  • In the confirmation email sent by eBay

  • In the invoice sent by the seller

After you win an item, the Pay Now button is usually the fastest way to pay your seller. The Pay Now button will appear in the listing after you win an item, in My eBay, and in the confirmation email that you receive from eBay.

When you click the Pay Now button, most of the time your payment details will be automatically calculated for you. These details will match the P&P and multiple purchase discounts that can be foundion the listing below the item description.

However, if the payment details are not available, or you were expecting to see different totals, you should do the following:
  1. Review the item description and all emails you have received from the seller. If the seller sent you postage costs by email or if the costs are in the item description, you can manually enter this information on the Review Your Purchase page after you click the Pay Now button.

  2. If you still don't have the information you need, click the Request total from seller link next to the seller's user ID. After you request the total, the seller will be able to respond with a new invoice that includes payment information.

  3. When the seller sends your invoice, click the Pay Now button in the invoice to see your updated total.

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