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Register a Business Account

When should you register a business account? When should you change your private account to a business account?

Because businesses have special needs and legal obligations eBay provides private and business accounts. When you use eBay for business purposes you should register as a business account or change your private account to a Business Account.

Consider the following questions when you are not sure if you are a business:

Business account

Choose a business account if you

  • sell items that you have bought to resell
  • make items yourself and sell them, intending to make a profit
  • are a trading assistant
  • buy items for your business

Private account

Choose a private account if you

  • sell items that belong to you and that you do not need anymore.
  • buy things for your personal use.

When in doubt always contact your legal advisor to determine whether you operate as a business to learn more about the legal obligations as a business seller.

What are the advantages of a business account?

  • When selling on eBay, "Business Seller" will be displayed in the Seller Information Box of the listing.
  • Business sellers can register with a company name. That company name will be displayed in all communication with the buyer, i.e. in invoices.
  • Business sellers can provide the VAT percentage in the SYI flow.
  • Business sellers can display contact details, return policies and terms and conditions in all of their listings, by specifying this in My eBay, preferences.
  • Business seller can provide eBay with their VAT identification number and receive net invoices on their eBay fees.

If you're a very high volume seller, eBay requires you register as a business account. You'll receive an alert from eBay if we think you should upgrade your account to a business account. If you feel that you have been mistakenly asked to upgrade to a business account, and you can show that you do not meet any of the criteria above for business accounts, you can apply for exemption. More details on how to contact Customer Support

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