Requesting exemption from business registration

EU law requires businesses selling online to comply with a number of rules. One of the rules is that if you are a business you must clearly state that fact to your customers.

eBay offers both personal and business accounts; we use the information on the type of account so that buyers can easily see if they are buying from a private or a business seller.

If a seller who has chosen not to register a business reaches a level of sales that can reasonably only be achieved by a professional seller, we will ask the seller to upgrade their account to a business account. This is to help business sellers comply with the law.

If you have received an alert from eBay asking you to upgrade your account to a business account, you may ask Customer Support to exempt you from the requirement, as long you can confirm all of the following:

  • you do not sell items that you have bought to resell

  • you do not make items yourself and sell them with the intention to make a profit

  • you are not a trading assistant

  • you do not buy items for your business

If you are not a business and can confirm all of the above, contact Customer Support giving full details on why you should not be classified as a business. Your account will be reviewed along with the information you provide and you will be informed of our decision.

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