Registering with a Business Account
When should you register a business account? When should you change your private account to a business account?

Because businesses have special needs and legal obligations eBay provides private and business accounts. When you use eBay for business purposes you should register as a business account or change your private account to a Business Account.

Consider the following guidelines when you are not sure if you are operating as a business:

Business account

Choose a business account if you

  • sell items that you have bought to resell
  • make items yourself and sell them, intending to make a profit
  • are a trading assistant
  • buy items for your business
Private account

Choose a private account if you

  • sell items that belong to you and that you do not need anymore.
  • buy things for your personal use.

When in doubt always contact your legal advisor to determine whether you are operating as a business to learn more about the legal obligations as a business seller.

What are the advantages of a business account?

  • When selling on eBay, "Business Seller" will be displayed in the Seller Information Box of the listing.
  • Business sellers can register with a company name. The company name will be displayed in all communications with the buyer. For example: in invoices.
  • Business sellers can provide the VAT percentage in the Sell Your Item flow.
  • Business sellers can display contact details, return policies and terms and conditions in all of their listings, by specifying this in My eBay, preferences.
  • Business sellers can provide eBay with their VAT identification number and receive net invoices on their eBay fees.

If you're a very high volume seller, eBay requires you register as a business account. You'll receive an alert from eBay if we think you should upgrade your account to a business account.