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 Business Seller: Overview

As a business seller, you will need to provide additional details to the buyers in all your listings. Some of this information is mandatory from a legal perspective.

In the EU, special ecommerce laws require business sellers, who sell items over the internet, to provide their customers with information about their identity in their contact information and contain further details that may be important to complete the transaction. You can display this information in all of your listings. Please see the contact information policy for options to include your contact information.

Follow the instructions below to set up your Business Seller preferences and display your business seller information in all of your listings on eBay.

  • Go to My eBay

  • In the My Account section on the left side of the page, click Preferences.

  • Scroll down to the Business Seller Preferences Section.

  • Click the "edit" link next to "Show business seller information on View Item"

The Business Seller Information page will display.

  • Select "Show my Business Seller information in my item description".

Note: Changes in My eBay do not automatically change or update existing information in an active listing, new listings and re-lists will include the latest version. However when you update your information, you have the option to update your active listings as well.

Depending upon your business situation it may be necessary that you provide further information to comply with the applicable laws. Please type or paste additional information into the 'Additional Legally Required Contact Information' field. You may want to consult your legal advisor for further information.

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