Selling Manager - Leaving Automatic Bulk Feedback

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro lets you leave individual and bulk Feedback for your buyers from the Sold or Archived Views, or from the sales record. You can also use stored Feedback comments so that you don't have to retype the same comments.

To enable Selling Manager Pro automatically leave Feedback for your buyers when they make an electronic payment, update your Automation Preferences.

You can:

Leaving Feedback

Use your Sold Listings View or individual sales records to monitor and quickly leave Feedback for your buyers. (You can still leave Feedback for archived items up to 60 days after the sale closes.)

A gray icon in the Awaiting Feedback column for a listing indicates that you still need to leave Feedback for that buyer.

To leave Feedback for a buyer from the Sold View:

  1. Select the tick box of the sold listing that you want to leave Feedback for, and click the Leave Feedback button. The Leave Feedback page opens for the item and buyer.

  2. You can select to use a stored comments or a custom comment.

  3. If you chose the Use stored comments option, select a stored comment from the stored comments drop-down list. You can edit stored comments.

  4. If you chose the Use custom comment option, type your comment into the custom comment text box.

  5. Click Leave Feedback button. Your Sold View displays and a message displays at the top of the screen confirming that your comment was left successfully.

Changing stored Feedback comments

Stored Feedback comments save you time because you don't have to type the same comment every time you leave Feedback. You can store up to 10 positive Feedback comments for your buyers. You can only use stored comments when you leave a Positive rating for a buyer. You can add, edit, or delete your stored comments

Your account initially comes with five positive Feedback messages.

  • Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.

  • Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.

  • Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++

  • Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!

  • Hope to deal with you again. Thank you

To change your stored messages:

  1. From the Leave Feedback page, click the Edit Stored Comments button. An Edit Stored Comments page containing all of your stored comments opens.

  2. Add, edit, or delete the comments that you want.

  3. Click the Save Comments button. This returns you to your Leave Feedback page, and a message telling you that your comments were saved displays.

Leaving Feedback in bulk

You can leave Feedback for as many as 200 buyers at one time from the Sold Listings View.

To leave bulk Feedback:

  1. In the Sold View, check the box next to the listings that you want to leave bulk Feedback
    and click the Feedback.

    To auto-select all of your Sold items, check the box in the heading bar above the list of your sold items.

  2. From the Leave Bulk Feedback page, use one of your stored comments or write a custom comment.

  3. Once you are satisfied with the comment, click the Leave Feedback .

  4. Once your bulk Feedbacks are processed, the Feedback status of the sold listings that successfully received your comments will be updated. Please note that this may take a few minutes.

    For Selling Manager Pro subscribers: An alert will be generated on the Summary View for the Feedbacks that encountered an error during processing.

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