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Lowering or Removing your Reserve Price

You may lower the reserve price on an item in any category as many times as you like, as long as the reserve price has not been met and there are at least 12 hours left on the listing. You can adjust the reserve whether or not any bids have been placed on your item. When a reserve price has been lowered, all bidders are automatically notified by email.

You can lower the reserve price from the listing page, My eBay and Seller Hub. You will not receive credit for the difference in your reserve fee.

If a seller lowers the reserve below the high bidder's maximum bid, the high bidder's maximum bid will be lowered to £1.00 below the new reserve price. The seller's new reserve price will be revealed to the high bidder by email. This lets high bidders confirm they are still interested in the item.

When a seller lowers the reserve price eBay lowers the maximum (proxy) bid. When the maximum bid is lowered:

  • A bidder must bid again to meet the new reserve price.

  • When a seller lowers the reserve price, eBay lowers the maximum (proxy) bid £1.00 below the new reserve price.

  • A bidder must bid again to confirm interest in the item since the high bidder may have bid on another item when that bidder did not initially meet the reserve price.

  • The high bidder is not bound to purchase the item; the high bidder must either bid again at or above the new reserve price.

Second Chance Offer can still be used on the listing after the reserve price is lowered. The rules for Second Chance Offer do not change by lowering the reserve price.

Removing Your Reserve Price

If a seller decides to remove the reserve, the reserve price will be lowered to £1.00 above the current high bid. The next bid that is placed will meet the reserve. This is done to confirm that the high bidder is still interested in the item.

Note: To keep eBay a safe place for buyers and sellers, eBay limits how bid history information is displayed. Regardless of the current high bid, when your reserve price is initially set at a certain level, User IDs will appear as anonymous names throughout the duration of the auction, even if you lower the price.

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