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How do I send my buyer an invoice?

Here's how to quickly and easily send an invoice to your buyer that clearly states the total payment for the sale:

  1. Go to My eBay by clicking the button at the top of any eBay page, sign in and then click the Selling tab.
  3. Go to the "Items I've Sold" tab and find the User ID of the buyer you want to send an invoice to.
  5. Click the Send Invoice button to send the buyer an invoice.

Note: To send an invoice in this way, you must have eBay's payment system turned on, or offer PayPal. To turn on eBay's payment system, go to My eBay, and click the Preferences tab. Under "Seller preferences", choose "Update Checkout preferences". Then, click "Yes, display eBay's Checkout button to auction buyers after the listing ends".

If your buyer requests the total, you'll receive an email containing the buyer's shipping address. You can click the link in the email to create and send your buyer an invoice for the total amount. You can also send an invoice from the listing and from My eBay.

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