Improving performance with the right postage and packaging costs

To meet buyer expectations, it's important to be upfront about P&P costs, and minimise the amount you charge for postage and packaging. If you use postage and packaging as a way to make money from buyers, you may receive:

  • Negative or neutral Feedback

In some categories, eBay sets maximum limits for postage and packaging charges.

Set expectations for postage and packaging costs

By providing delivery details in your listing, you can manage buyer expectations from the start. This helps avoid confusion with unexpected postage and packaging costs and dispatch time.

Common problems Solutions

Not including accurate details on delivery services and costs

  • Specify the delivery services you offer in the postage details section of your listing.

  • State postage costs clearly by using Postage Estimator, or entering a flat postage rate for each service you offer.

  • Offer more than one delivery service. List each one and include the cost of each service. Some buyers may want to pay more for a faster service, while others may choose a longer delivery time to save money.

Not providing details on packaging costs

  • Include details on packaging costs in your listing. Don't wait until the invoice to tell buyers there's an extra fee.

  • If you do charge extra for packaging, make sure you show value by packaging these items with care.

Unexpected customs fees or duties

  • When an overseas buyer purchases an item, we make it clear that there may be additional customs fees or duties in addition to your international postage cost. We'll remove negative or neutral Feedback if the comment references customs delays or fees.

  • If you're selling internationally - especially if you're listing items directly on other eBay sites - it's a good idea to remind buyers that you're posting internationally, and what to expect.

Exceed expectations for postage and packaging costs

There are a few things you can do to make your listing more visible, and give your detailed seller ratings a boost.


Free P&P

Some good reasons to offer free P&P:

  • If we can confirm the buyer didn't pay for postage, you'll automatically receive a 5-star detailed seller rating for Postage and packaging charges 

  • You may attract new buyers, and your listing may receive more visibility in search

  • If your item's likely to arrive within 3 working days, it can qualify to be promoted with eBay FAST & FREE


  • Offer postage discounts for multiple items in one order. This can increase customer satisfaction and order sizes.

  • Let buyers know you offer combined postage on multiple orders in your listing.

Save time and money on postage

Here are a few tips that can help you save time and money on postage.


Postage labels

Package collection

  • With some companies, you can save time by booking a pickup for your package online when you purchase a postage label from them.

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