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Sales Reports Definitions

Below are descriptions of the metrics in sales reports, and some tips on how you can use them to understand your business. If you're a Sales Reports Plus subscriber, see definitions of metrics in Sales Reports Plus.

Sales Report

Use the data in this section to understand how your sales have changed over time. You can use the charts to see trends in how your percentage of successful listings and average sale price have changed over time.

Total sales
The total amount of money you made from sales of your items. This amount is based on the final sale prices of the items when they ended and does not include the associated postage, packing cost that you may have charged buyers.

Month-to-month sales growth
The percentage increase or decrease in your total sales compared to the previous month.

Ended listings
The number of your listings that ended, with or without selling.

Successful listings
The number of your ended listings that sold. Multiple-item listings are counted as successful if there was at least one item sold.

Successful listings %
The percentage of your ended listings that sold. Multiple-item listings are counted as successful if there was at least one item sold.

Average sale price per listing
The average final price of your listings that sold.


The Fees section provides net eBay and PayPal fee information for all transactions associated with your eBay sales.

Net eBay fees
The amount in eBay fees you were charged, minus any eBay credits you received. It can include the following fees and credits: Fees

  • Insertion Fees

  • Listing upgrade and feature fees (such as Reserve Price, Item Subtitle etc.)

  • Final Value Fees

  • Subscription fees (Selling Manager, eBay Shop, etc.)

  • Any other fees charged to your account


  • Unpaid Item Final Value Fee credits reported

  • Shop Referral Credits

  • Any other credits posted to your account

Note: For detailed information about your account activity and invoice, see your Invoice page in My eBay

Net PayPal fees
The amount in PayPal fees you were charged for eBay-specific transactions, minus any PayPal credits for eBay-specific transactions you received.

This amount may be different from your PayPal Account Statement if you had transactions where the eBay item number was shown in your PayPal transaction summary, or if you received payments or gave credits for non-eBay transactions.

Net eBay & PayPal fees
The total of your net eBay fees and net PayPal fees added together.

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