Selling Manager Pro - Setting your automation preferences

Your Selling Manager Pro views in My eBay include additional preferences for automated features (Feedback, listing, and relisting), multiple sites, and default description footers.

The Automation Preferences page has the following groups of settings:

  • Automated positive Feedback for buyers - Set your automated Feedback preferences

  • Listings automation schedule - Suspend your items from automatic listing and relisting

  • Other automation preferences

    • Global eBay websites - Select your selling sites

    • Default description footer - Create or modify a standard footer for an item description.

Changing your preferences

To change your Automation Preferences:
  1. In the My eBay views section, click the Automation Preferences link under Selling Manager Pro.

  2. On the Automation Preferences page, scroll down to the preference you want to change.

  3. Select the options you want to change, and then click the Apply button.

Automated positive Feedback for buyers

Selling Manager Pro can save you time by leaving Feedback for your buyers automatically. You can choose to leave a positive Feedback rating and use one of your stored comments either:

  • When the buyer has paid for the item (PayPal payment received or you mark the item as paid), or

  • When the buyer has paid for the item and left positive Feedback for you.


  • Automatic Feedback will only be left for sold listings that are not archived.

  • Once your automated Feedback is processed, the Feedback status for that specific sold listing will be updated. If the Feedback isn't sent to the buyer because of a system failure or because the buyer was suspended, you'll see an alert on your Summary view.

Tip: Because automated Feedback is always positive, it's a good idea to review your stored comments to ensure they are positive before setting this preference.

Emails eBay sends for you

eBay automatically sends some emails to your buyers:

  • Order confirmation: eBay sends this after your buyer completes checkout.

  • Order update: eBay sends this after you print a postage label, after you mark the item as dispatched, or after we get notification of dispatch or tracking information.

  • Payment reminder: eBay sends this email 48 hours after the purchase if the buyer hasn't already paid.

As a Selling Manager Pro subscriber, you can customise the order confirmation and order update emails to include your logo and custom messages. To make sure we provide buyers with a consistent, safe experience, the payment reminder cannot be customised.

Listings automation schedule

  • You can suspend the automatic listing and relisting of your items for a specific duration.

  • If you're going on holiday, or are temporarily out of stock for a certain product, you can use this setting to temporarily stop the automatic listing and relisting process without having to edit all your automated listing rules.

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