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eBay Solutions Directory

Many solutions are available from eBay or from third parties to help you improve your buying and selling activities. These solutions are designed to make activities like high volume selling and post-sales management more efficient. To make it easier to find the solution that's right for you, there is the Solutions Directory.

Visit or to browse the various categories of solutions. You can also find solutions through searching by keywords. For example, if you are looking for eBay Motors solutions, just type in "Motors" in the search box, and click the Search button.

On the browse or search results page that follows, you will be able to compare listings in that category against one another. When you first get to this page, the results will be sorted in alphabetical order by Solution Title. You do have the ability to sort by each column on this page.

Select a solution that interests you and you can view details of the solution by clicking on the Solution Title. On the listing details page you will find more information about the solutions so that you can choose the solution that's appropriate for your needs. From this page you can easily get information about the third-party solution.

To submit your product or service to the Solutions Directory, log onto the eBay Developer Programme. Here you can "List a solution" in the "Solutions Directory" box where you will have the option to do the following:

  • Select the country or countries that your solution supports

  • Enter a detailed description of your service and define a link to your solution

  • Select up to two categories that best describes your solution

  • Select the eBay country or countries that you want to display your solution

  • Upload an image of your solution logo

    Please note that only members with a Standard Application Certification and active production will be able to submit Solution Directory listings.

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