Using Spell Check

Ensure your item title and description are correctly spelled

Before you submit a listing, make sure that it looks professional by using eBay's spell checker on your item title and description. The spell check button is located in the Add a description section of the sell your item form.

When you click the button, the spell checker will search for the first potentially misspelled word and automatically highlight it. You will see a list of suggested replacements for the misspelled word. You can change the word by selecting from the suggested replacements, change all other instances of the word on the page, ignore the suggestion, or ignore the suggestion for all instances of the word. Spell Check will then highlight the next potentially misspelled word on the page.

Once spell check is complete, you can either save or cancel all your changes and then continue creating your listing.

More about Spell Check:

  • It's free!

  • Available in the sell your item, revise your item, and the relist and sell similar forms.

  • Can only be used if title and description are completed (subtitle optional).

  • Will work only if your web browser has JavaScript enabled. (For more information on enabling JavaScript, see the options sections of your browser’s Help)

  • Will not spell check HTML.

  • Spell Check will only check the spelling of a word and not its formatting. For example, if you have used bold or italics on a word, the spell checker will only show you the word in plain text. However, when you complete the spell check, your original formatting will be retained.

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