Turbo Lister Troubleshooting

This page contains some troubleshooting information and some general tips for using Turbo Lister. For additional troubleshooting information, refer to the Help pages in Turbo Lister.

"Network problems are preventing…" error message
"eBay Picture Services is unavailable…" error message
Turbo Lister Tips

"Network problems are preventing…" error message

This error message means that Turbo Lister has attempted to communicate with eBay but didn't receive a response. First make sure your computer is still connected to the internet. If your internet connection is working, try these common ways to fix this problem:

  • Update your eBay User ID and password in Turbo Lister if you've changed them on eBay: Turbo Lister uses your eBay User ID and password to identify you when it attempts to connect to eBay. If you've recently changed your User ID or password on the eBay website, you'll also need to change it in Turbo Lister.

    In Turbo Lister, open the Tools menu and select Options > Personal Information > eBay Account. Make any necessary changes and save them.

  • Make sure the date and time on your computer system are correct: Your system time is usually displayed at the bottom right of your screen. Check the date by holding your mouse pointer over the time (the date will pop up).

    To correct the time or date, open the Control Panel from the Windows Start menu, select Date and Time then make any necessary changes.

  • Ensure you have Internet Explorer 5 or 6 installed: Even if you don't use Internet Explorer as your web browser, or you use Internet Explorer 7, you'll need to have version 5 or 6 installed on your computer. Turbo Lister uses components of Internet Explorer to communicate between your computer and the eBay API. These components aren't present in versions of Internet Explorer earlier than 5.01, or from version 7.0 onwards.

    You can download previous versions of Internet Explorer from here.

  • Ensure your Internet Explorer settings are correct: In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and select Internet Options. The cipher strength should be "128-bit".

    • Select the "Advanced" tab. Under the heading "HTTP 1.1 Settings," make sure that the box "Use HTTP 1.1" is checked, and the box "HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections" is not checked.

    • Select the "Security" tab and set to the "Default Level".

  • Ensure the cipher strength in Internet Explorer is correct: In Internet Explorer, open the Help menu and select About Internet Explorer. The cipher strength should be "128-bit".

    If it appears as "0-bit", please see this Microsoft page to see how to resolve the issue.

  • Check for anti-virus or firewall software: These kinds of software can sometimes prevent information from eBay being saved to the Turbo Lister files on your computer. Temporarily disabling your firewall will enable Turbo Lister to receive information from eBay, but it will also leave your computer open to viruses and other security threats.

    It's safer to instruct your firewall to give Turbo Lister unfiltered access to the internet. Your firewall's Help pages or documentation will tell you how to do this.

If none of these solutions work, it's possible there's a technical problem with eBay's servers. It's worth waiting a while then trying again later.

"eBay Picture Services is unavailable…" error message

This error message means that Turbo Lister was unable to communicate with the eBay Picture Services servers. This is generally because of a problem with the servers, not with your computer or internet connection.

Please try the upload one or two more times. If you still get this error message, please wait a little while then try to upload your listings again (server problems are usually fixed fairly quickly).

Alternatively, if you can't wait until later to list your items, remove all eBay Picture Services-hosted photos from the listings you're trying to upload. This will prevent Turbo Lister from needing to communicate with the eBay Picture Services servers. You can add pictures to the listings after you've uploaded them. See Editing Your Listing.

Turbo Lister Tips

Follow this advice to keep Turbo Lister running smoothly:

  • Check for updates at least once a week. Open the File menu in Turbo Lister and select Check for Program Updates. You won't lose your inventory when you update Turbo Lister.

  • Back up your data regularly. We recommend you do this every single time you create new listings. It could be the only way to retrieve your data in the event of a database corruption.

  • Keep Windows up to date.

  • Keep Internet Explorer Version 5 or 6 on your computer. Even if you use Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.0 or another browser for normal internet use, Turbo Lister and eBay require Internet Explorer 5 or 6 for some actions.

  • If you add new categories to your shop, you'll need to close Turbo Lister and open it again before it will show the new categories.

  • Check the Selling Tools Help board for more Turbo Lister tips and updates.

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