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Sellers Made on Average 2.7x More Money on eBay*
vs Facebook Marketplace

*Based on a survey of household items in March 2019. For verification see the full test results below.

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How We Made It Happen

  1. We used a nationally representative survey too identify the percentage of household items that the UK public sells by category.
  2. 445 items were then sourced from private sellers.
  3. Sellers were asked to provide a listing title, description, photoos and a minimum sale price.
  4. All the items were then listed oon eBay and Facebook Marketplace for the same time period.
  5. The price on Facebook Marketplace was the minimum price. On eBay, all items were listed as auctions, with a sale only counting if the auction price for the item (excluding postage) was higher than the minimum price plus eBay fees.

Making Money, It’s Happening on eBay.

Snap It

Treat the pic of your item like a selfie. Have good lighting and make sure you take several shots.

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List It

Write a quick, interesting, informative (and of course honest) description of your item.

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Sell It

Pick your ideal (but fair) price. Choose ‘Sell It Now’ or ‘Auction’ (or both) and get it ready to ship once it’s sold.

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