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Product Details: Create Products and Templates to list more efficiently
Create products under which you can save your Sell Your Item forms as listing templates. You can then reuse these listing templates to list multiple items.

Use your product name to identify the type of product you are selling.

Use the unit cost of your product to generate sales reports and track your cost if you'd like.

Find out how many of your listings from this product are active how many are sold and how many you can still list.
See all the Listing Templates associated with this product and find out which one is more successful by looking at the success ratio.

Selling Manager Pro Listing Templates are simply saved versions of your Sell Your Item forms. To create a new Listing Template just click on the Create New button or duplicate an existing template.

To save your template, click on the Save Only button. If you not only want to save it but also list it immediately, click on the Save and Submit button.

The Review and Submit page of your template gives you all the details, which will appear in your listing once you submit it.

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