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Pending and Active: Track, Reschedule and Create Templates from your existing items
See the listings you have scheduled before they start. Edit, reschedule, or cancel any item on this page. Also, save time by creating templates from your pending items.

Reschedule your items to start earlier or later, depending on your preference.

Don't waste time creating templates from scratch. Simply re-use the details in your pending listings and save them as templates.

Edit your listings individually any time before they're scheduled to start.

Once your items start on eBay, they'll appear in Active Listings. You can now easily track the number of bids and the amount of time left before your listing ends.

Re-use the details in your existing listings and save them as templates.

See which items are ending first. Just click on any column you'd like to sort.

Sell a similar item immediately without having to re-enter all the information.

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